Monday, November 14, 2005

courtney and i just spent four hours of
skip bo and coffee down the street at the grind
watching buffy send angel to hell after he had regained his soul
secretly admiring kelly clarkson
listening to glosoli by sigur ros over and over
and now its two ay em
i'm starting to think about bed
i've gained tommorow off
and i will sleep in and dream

we talked about this idea for a photo essay, matt sandra lora and i.
the idea delving quite soundly into vulnerability:
there are three portraits of each person.
the first, dress yourself, pose yourself, however you see yourself
the second, dress yourself, pose yourself however you think others see you
the third, would be decided by the others. they would dress you and pose you, how they see you.

for the first i though i would wear soemthing confidently stylish, a good hat, a cup of jj bean, maybe a smoke, and i'd be walking down a mildly busy, tree lined street..aware, but not bothered. moving through life.
for the second, i was stumpled, because i wanted to make an outrageous face, in hilarity, but somehow juxtapose that with a girl thats hiding her face, but with a look of desperation. juxtaposed for the sake of showing that the hilarious face is so big because it has to make up for the great walls and guards that the real face has in place.
its weird to dwell on the idea that i am under the impression people see through me..

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