Saturday, November 12, 2005

after a decently significant hiatus'
i am returned
this little guy that sits with me wherever i go
is a true gem

right now in life, i am amidst a switch back in my working life
my usual gig has flown to florida for a few weeks
so i'm driving into the heart of the city a few days a week for a temporary lisason
i am excited to get back to the normal grind, however.

last night was sandwhich fest 2005.

in a little bit i will head over to mosaic for some community

i recently discovered edemame. OH MAN.

i've recently started to watch my way through buffy the vampire slayer. i'm on season 2.
"ours is a forbidden love.."

i'm taking a part time gig in the near future to do some music management/promotion with some friends.

writing the word edemame has made me want some.

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