Tuesday, November 29, 2005

i'm listening to the new(est) stars album,
and i can't stop.

this last weekend was a disaster,
with redeeming qualities.

saturday i got up decently early only to get stuck
in multiple traffic jams due to the grey cup.
i locked my keys in my car,
while parked in a permit parking only area.
it took five hours
43 dollars
and much humbling to get back into my girl with a car headspace.

sunday, on my way out for cheap sunday breakfast,
when three steps out my door,
realize i've locked my keys in my apartment.
it took nine hours,
a beautiful afternoon/evening with blair and candace
which including sigur, jane austen, ty pennington and tortilla chips
before i got back in at 9pm.

it left me with a sense of ..lost..
in my head, i feel like i've been somewhere these last weeks..
out of it..
and seeing the huge, in my face, manifestations of this lostness
makes me want to
sleep a long time
cling to jesus
write and write until i get somewhere

talk to celeste...

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