Saturday, March 18, 2006

i'm half dressed, sitting in bed
thinking about my new shirt that i get to wear to mosaic later
but for now i'm typing,
and playing around on IMDb
i love that website
this day began with the toons for lunch
and then shopping with lisa along main
ees our hood ees our hood
i have to be at mosaic in 1/2 hour.

last night we had a birthday party incredibly belated
quite small, quite lovely
great thai, great beer

thusday night my long lost friend courtney came over
and made me dinner
fantastic chorizo, handmade by this crazy man, so the story goes, was the focus
of the savoriest pizza i've ever had
we found a delicious red wine
and a ghetto grocery store dessert.

today i am wearing my lucky underwear.
i wonder what will happen.

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