Thursday, March 30, 2006

i've been thinking about my life these last few weeks
and how different it is now.
i'm not sure compared to what.
it just feels lovely and more complete,
and i feel more content.
every night of the week finds me out of my apartment,
which i used to think would overwhelm me,
and i'd burn out.
but its so good.
every night out is apart of me.
not just a commitment,
but an extension of my life,
that i love.
i'm finally doing music outside of the walls of church.
i'm stepping into myself with my councillor,
and see the fruits of it
every encounter of the day.
i have a ridiculously fantastic community
which isn't always easy
but always beneficial.
i've learned the dependance on coffee,
and i can't remember why it took so long.

i suppose this is the beginning of this expression.

i went into pulp fiction books the other day to try and find a ramona quimby book for a gift
and found a copy of fast food nation.
so i'm reading that.
or rather, i'm about to stop typing to go and read that.
tommorow is friday, and also payday. a very special day.
tomorow night is daves birthday party.
saturday is crystal's cherry blossom picnic birthday party,
and also joel's show at night.

you know how when you clean your bedroom
put on fresh sheets
light a candle...
ya. that feeling. me.

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