Wednesday, December 23, 2009

baby's in the kitchen decorating cookies.
the kid has naturally good taste, so i don't feel the need to sit in there with her and mediate the process.
she's singing to herself and perfecting the use of the icing knife.

me, i'm in the living room, on my third cup.
boys are at a friends, holy moly thanks so much carrie.
i'm in a grump mood today.
and what a day for it, right before christmas eve, and we baked these cookies.. i don't think i made the event as fun as it could have been. boo me. just no patience, and too much controlling. things go so much better when i let them create things outside of how i would have done it. but today grump grump grump. sorry guys.

and why should i be so grumpy?
last night i got the best gift i've ever gotten in years and years.
a huge, huge box, wrapped and really heavy, with instructions not to open it until dec. 26th.
as if.
i opened it as soon as i got home,
and found a large beautiful note explaining that this gift was the 12 days of christmas.
i pulled off some of the papers used to pack it, and inside wall to wall, top to bottom, are 12 beautifully wrapped gifts. each with its own hand drawn card explaining how it pertains to the 'day' it represents.

upon realizing what it was, my feet did not stop hopping, and i did not stop whooping, and then i cried. and cried. and felt so loved, and appreciated, and cared for..all these good things. and hopefully was able to communicate that a little bit to S later that night on the phone.
man, i have a present to open every day until january 6th.

so maybe today is like a hangover from that. hmm.

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