Friday, December 18, 2009

a very brief spot of morning where the house is completely empty and i've got a minute to finish my coffee and read the movie reviews for this weekend.
its the kids christmas concert at school, and the whole house emptied.
while normally i'm an emotional sucker for things such as the above, today there remained no other option for me than to stay and be surrounded by quiet and coffee.
the last two nights i've been out until midnight+, some shows etc,
but yesterday really did me in with 22 kids plus parents and siblings coming over for lunch post kindergarten. while trying to fend off this cold. whoa!

so i'm incredibly thankful for this moment.
its so still i can cut it.
and my coffee is not cold yet.
and there is lots of information on the massaschusetts molasses massacre...get excited, its coming..

also, i've been thinking that i'll never be a mccrary sister if i keep getting nervous shakey voice when impromptu asked to sing things..ann or regina would never get nervous shakey voice.

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