Thursday, December 10, 2009

my second cup of coffee is brewing.
today three year old and i were making some christmas crafts,
(me trying to find every use possible for the behemoth stack of construction paper we purchased last week, seriously, 3/4 foot thick).
after we'd pasted together trees, santa's, santa's cousin baby jesus, some presents,
she got into drawing a picture that was mainly about me.
about how i'd been kidnapped and locked away,
and the bad people had replaced me so no one would know
(seriously, she's three..).
but the good guys figured out this replacement wasn't me,
because when they asked 'evil julie' if she wanted some coffee,
she said,
"no, i don't like coffee".
and the good guys said,
"you're not the real julie! what have you done with the real julie?"

1 comment:

kelly said...

baha. i like how it came back full circle to you brewing your 2nd cup of coffee.