Monday, November 01, 2010

i'm incredibly happy to say that finally i've a home.
i've just arrived not a half hour ago,
and in the process of rearranging everything,
sorting out this and that, getting myself aquainted.
tedious, but wonderful.
(i oddly enjoy this bit, knowing that when i'm done,
i'll have a space. a sanctuary of sorts)

i had to sit and write to tell you all though.
my address is
202 rue de Faubourg Saint-Martin
75010 Paris, France

i'll double check to make sure thats all that you need, you know, to write letters and things. :)

it's been a long month, and i have to thank you for the prayers and good thoughts, because it got me here i think.
i hadn't though it would be as hard as it was,
but i look forward to figuring out what julie looks like this side of the hard part.

so i'm here.
and home.
and thankful. incredibly thankful.

how are you?

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Aimee said...


Home. Oh I am so glad. The settling in is precious and rewarding.

blessings on this part of the process!

Hey, and now are you off on the family holiday?

We are well here. Fall with it's rain and bursts of sunshine has set in. Yesterday my three went to church in costumes - Elijah wore a spiderman outfit, with an eye patch and a bow and arrow with a tub sock quiver attached to his belt - Eva was a fairy prince with hot pink wings and crown - Anders was a roaring Pteradactyl (of course that didn't last long, but he was sure cute).

much love,