Friday, January 21, 2011

new post. new post. new post.
a direct response to aimee and her faithful, loving comments.
so three weeks tomorrow morning i'll be a coming home.
and what a week to be coming home to,
i feel like i've a staff of 12 social coordinators on payroll,
the week is nearly full and i've not lifted a finger.
and all at the same time i'm excited,
overwhelmed by the love,
can't wait to do everything,
worried that there won't be enough time for everything,
incredibly greatful...

what a treat to be going somewhere,
and that somewhere is home.
i can't get over it.
its like i finally understand dorothy
from wizard of the freaking oz,
there is no place like home.
surrounded by wonder and beauty and the unknown of oz/paris..
there is no place like home.

while i'm home one of the main things we're focusing on
is breakfast every morning.
since going out for breakfast remains my favorite meal out,
there in lie all my favorite restaurants
(except for faux bouregois..but i mean really, french food?).
deacons corner, dockers diner, odegards, jethros grub...
pick a day! join me/us/whoever!

oh and in the funny vein of things...
i acutally considered buying
a train ticket to berlin for a shoe sale.
my favorite shoe makes, makers of my orange boots, zeha,
is based in berlin, and the three stores there
have marked ALL their shoes at 50% off.
ok now i'm considering it all over again.

i made cheddar apple scones this morning...
good lord in heaven praise baby jesus i only made half the recipe...
i ate two thirds of my yield.
they were soooo good.
i can't reccomend highly enough this recipe.
perfect for this chilly day. with a cuppa while the babe is sleeping.

happy friday!


Aimee said...

hmmm. my friday just got happier. a post from you. odegards on the breakfast list. a new recipe. for scones. with my two favorite tastes combined!!?!?!

see you soon!

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