Saturday, January 08, 2011

ringing through my head this week
paul oakley's song, kiss the river

i am longing
waiting ‘til the rain
becomes a river,
swelling like a flood
so I can dive into the sweetest love

feels like this promise i've been given.
just requiring of me a little more patience.
so i will. be patient. and happily.
whatever dryness's rich too.
you know?

i splurged a little this month,
and bought a plane ticket to vancouver for a week!
i honestly don't think there is a better place to vacation than home.
especially since being home will help mark a certain birthday
in a way that swells my heart.
there is no better place in life,
than with those that know you,
and love you with all that knowledge.
ugh. five weeks is going to crawl by so slowly!


Aimee said...

love you Julie. I bought some new boots and thought of you.

Aimee said...

And of course HOORAY for a visit from you!

Aimee said...

Where are the posts??