Monday, January 31, 2011

well, tis the monday.
just sitting down to type after aiding the poor babe to sleep.
waaaay more fussy in his bed than normal (normal is almost no fuss)...
turns out little dude had a belly full o gas.
almost as soon as i picked him up..RELEASE.
and now he sleeps soundly.

brunch with tom and mandy was so lovely.
they make a wonderful little newlywed couple.
it was good, just for the morning, to be free from effort.
effort to communicate, effort to express..
instead to just make some good scones, some good coffee, some potatoes and eggs...and just relax. wonderful.
ma coeur est pleine.

just about ready to leave broke-town.
this here is the beginning of the last of three weeks.
i would do it all over again however,
since i camped out here in order to take the little week holiday.
so in that regard, broke town rules.
its just in leaving, what sort of self control will befall me?
i'm having visions of new bags and shoes...

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