Friday, March 04, 2011

now i'm 30.

yesterday started out a little rough,
mostly in the longing for my people category.
there may have been a lot of tears.

then the baby wouldn't sleep,
so i fed him a little earlier than usual,
and off we went.
wandered the musee d'orsay for a while
ate lunch on a sunny terrace
had a glass of wine with lunch
AND dessert. tarte au pomme.
and i looked really cute while doing it.
grey knit dress, braided belt, little blue and orange scarf,
navy tights and good sunglasses. cute.

then i went home and had take away pizza and a glass of whiskey
and called it a night.
oh and i read time magazine.

there are probably deeper, more of the heart thoughts surrounding this,
but i'm a little emotionally hung over from yesterday morning.
after all,
i went to bed with a few tears the eve of my birthday,
missing my people,
and woke up laughing to
'everything i do i do it for you'
playing on the radio.
i feel in this instance that god used bryan adams for good.
for the good of seeing how buoyed my heart became.
through tears of course.
its not every day god shares with you via bryan adams.

1 comment:

Aimee said...

great quote:

"its not every day god shares with you via bryan adams"

true indeed.

and I loved how you knew you were cute. I just loved that! Sometimes I know I'm cute too. I think knowing you are cute is a great trait to have!!

love, aimee