Tuesday, March 01, 2011

you konw i ran out of jj bean sometime last week,
but this store bought run of the mill bag of lava azza ain't doing too badly.
i'm quite enjoying it really.
its a good thing about paris really,
all the run of the mill stuff that you buy at the grocery store
even the store brand stuff
is pretty spectacular.
and probably has a ton less ingrediants than the north american store brand equivilant.

OOOO and, when i got my hair cut a couple weeks ago,
sarah (amazing wonderful go see her now)

used this new hair chalk stuff that i couldn't believe.
a couple shakes and my hair had so much texture and hold.
but i didn't buy a canister from her cause it was 20 bucks and i was closing in on being broke after that nutso seattle trip.
but guess what the fuck??
paris grocery store. thats what the fuck.
cheapo five euro bottle, same shit. same results. BOOYA. love paris.

i've decided that
since i don't have friends really here,
(just a few random aquaintinces who in no way are filling me up like you folks),
i am thus not expending a ton of money going out.
my new friends are going to be really expensive things.
i'm never going to be at this stage in life again,
being abroad, having expendible income without being freaked out about the future (yet...)
i'm going to buy expensive things.
bags. shoes. coats.
for the shoe portion of the expenditure, i'm heading over to berlin in june.
wanna come?

rumor has it jonny a is coming to town!!!! only for one night, but...YA!

edit: probably should have given this post a nice little edit before posting..HOLY MOLY. my appologies. eh.

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