Tuesday, March 22, 2011

spring is totally in the air.
thank god.
being underneath these clear skies a couple times a day
is starting to show how essential it is for the lonely soul.

i think my friend count may be up to two now.

spent this last weekend in north england,
having an incomparable visit,
with the incomparable robin cicanski.
the weekend started out rough,
rushing rushing from work,
only to miss my flight,
somehow unable to connect to robin's phone number..
sweaty, frenzied, stressed out to the nines..
calling canada to try and get through to robin in england..
finally manage it with the power of
a few stellar, there when you need them friends.
pay the extra 50 euros to fly out the next day.
plop down to eat a hamburger in the airport macdonalds,
only to be moved to tears with
a telephone conversation surrounding
that days henri nouwens lent readings
that seemed to imbibe and penetrate my soul
and thus washing the stress and frenzy,
and leaving in its wake,
at least a little hope.
it felt silly.
there in the macdonalds at charles de gaulle airport.
but i was met.

i also felt met there in england.
there is surely none so great a host as ms. cicanski.
i was bowled over the entire time
by the thoughfulness that existed there.
i don't know how, in my life,
i've found all these givers to be friends with me
but i am fully aware of
the graciousness and greatfulness required of me,
and its there.
its surely there.
i'm lucky.
i'm far away.
but i'm lucky.

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Anonymous said...

I'm pretty lucky too!

- robin